Course Contents

Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence 2008

Installing and using BI tools
Configuring BI tools


Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
• Over view of integration services solutions
• Integration Services Tools

Developing Integration Services Solutions
• Creating an Integration Services Solution
• Using Variables
• Building And Running a Solution

Implementing Control Flow
• Control Flow Tasks
• Control Flow Precedence Constraints
• Control Flow Containers

Implementing Data Flow
• Data Flow Sources and Destinations
• Data Flow Transformations
• Data Flow Pipeline

Implementing Logging
• Overview of Integration Services Logging
• Implementing Logging

Debugging and Error handling
• Debugging a Package
• Implementing handling

Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions
• Implementing Checkpoints
• Implementing Transactions

SSIS Administration
• Deploying Packages
• Managing Packages
• Securing Packages
• Scheduling a Package


Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
• Over View of SQL Server Reporting Services
• Installing Reporting Services Reporting Services Tools

Authoring Reports
• Creating a Basic Table Report
• Formatting Report Pages
• Calculating Values
• Interactive Navigation
• Displaying Data

Manipulating Data Sets
• Defining Report Data
• Using parameters and Filters
• Using Parameter Lists

Publishing and Executing reports
• Publishing reports
• Executing reports
• Creating Cached instances
• Creating Snapshots and Report History

Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports
• Introduction to Report Subscriptions
• Creating Report Subscriptions
• Managing Report Subscriptions

SSRS Administration
• Server Administration
• Performance and Reliability monitoring
• Administering Report Server Databases
• Security Administration


Introduction to Analysis Services

• SSAS Architecture
• Dimension Tables
• Fact tables
• Cubes
• Analysis Services Tools

Cube Design Process and Concepts

• Dimensions
• Measure groups
• Creating Simple Calculations
• Aggregations and Hierarchies
• Dimensions Relationships
• Transactions
• Perspectives

Advanced Cube Design Process

• MDX introduction and Queries
• Implementing KPI
• Implementing Actions
• Using Write back

SSAS Administration

• Apply Security Roles
• Levels of Security
• VLDB with partitioning
• OLAP Processing
• Monitoring Cube activity
• Deployment and Scheduling
• Planning for Disaster Recovery
• Performance Tuning SSAS


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