Jasper Soft Reports

Jasper Soft BI Suite

Services Involved
Reporting Components


Jasper Soft Studio

Jasper soft Studio Tool Layout

Reporting Lifecycle

Report Structure

Data Sources

Creating Reports

Creating Styles

Creating Parameterized Reports(Single Parameter,Multi- Parameter)

Cascading parameter

Connecting Jasper Studio to JasperReports Server

Deploying Reports to Jasper Server

Input Controls

Sub reports

Using Datasets

Creating Tabular Reports

Creating Cross tabs

Multiple datasource connection

Build in Function(Logical,Date,Message Bundles)



Style sheet(Internal & External Style sheet)

Bean Datasource,HQL Datasource

Charts(Pie & Bar Chart)

HTML 5 Chart

Chart Pro

Map & Map pro

How to integrate with application sample example

Jasper Reports Server Introduction

Repository Administration and resources
Creating Users and Roles
Creating Data sources in Jasper Server
Passing parameters through hyperlinks-Drill Down report.
Creating Repository Level Security
Creating Domain Design Implementing DB Schema
Creating Domain Design with derived tables
Creating Adhoc views and Adhoc Reports
Creating Topics
Creating Adhoc Reports from Topics
Creating Dashboards
Idea about Domain parameters
Import and Export Utilities from UI
Import and Export Utilities from command Prompt
Idea On Data Level Security(Row Level Security)
Data Level Security


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