IBM NETEZZA DBA Course Content


The objective of this course is to enrich an associate with end-to-end knowledge on IBM Netezza Database Administration to handle day-to-day and any complex business needs.


Below are the various topics that will be covered as part of this detailed practical training:

• About Netezza Performance Server (NPS)
• NPS AMPP Architecture & Various Netezza appliance models
• Netezza High Availability Architecture (Clustering, Mirroring, failover)
• Installing Netezza system and client softwares
• Installing Netezza Emulator for day-to-day practice
• NzAdmin: GUI Admin Tool (Installation & Setup)
• Netezza Command Line Interface (CLI)
• Manage NPS with CLI commands
• Manage User access to Netezza Databases
• Monitoring Netezza and Linux logs
• Netezza Events (Setup & Monitoring)
• Databases & Tables
• Data Distribution (Hash, Random), Cluster Base Tables, Table Skew
• Generate Statistics, Zone Maps, Materialized Views, Groom Table
• Backup & Restore (Host Level, Database Level, Table Level)
• Database Refreshes & Migrations
• Netezza Appliance migration (For Example: 6.x to 7.x migration)
• Data Loading/Unloading using External Tables, NZLOAD, NZ_MIGRATE
• Data Loading/Unloading using GUI Tools
• Optimizer and query plans
• Query history collection & Reporting
• Workload management
• Netezza Replication/DR Architecture
• Techniques to improve Netezza performance
• Frequent DBA activities such as SPU replacements, etc
• ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB Client Connectivity
• Working with IBM Netezza Support to resolve issues

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