Pre Requisite = Basic Knowledge of selenium

l  Introduction to APPIUM

l  Appium features comparing to other tools

l  Appium internal architecture

l  Android SDK installation

l  Setting up system variables

l  Installing appium server

l  Configuring selenium jars

l  What is xcode and xcode installation

l  Valdating iso simulator and downloading java

l  Installing eclipse ide for java

l  Desired capabilities concepts

l  Invoking Android virtual device

l  First program explaining Mobile Capabilities

l  Android Driver Invocation

l  UI Automator Tool to identify objects

l  Automating app UI using of ID, Xpath, Classnames

l  Appium API's for Ui interaction

l  Mobile Gestures Automation-1

l  Mobile Gestures Automation-2

l  Mobile Gestures Automation-3

l  UI Selector class in Handling Advanced API's

l  Android Key Events Handling

l  Procedure for Downloading App in Emulator(Virtual Devices)

l  Automation on Real devices

Live Examples on Device Apps:

l  Music App-Testcases to Automate

l  Practise Exercise-1.1(Covers Mobile Gestures)

l  Practise Exercise-1.2(Covers core APPIUM API)

l  Languages App- Testcases to automate

l  Practise Exercise-2.1(Appium + Webdriver logic)

l  Practise Exercise-2.2(Android keyevents)

l  Ecommerce App- Installing app into device

l  Practise Exercise-3.1 Handling Image Banners

l  Practise Exercise-3.2 Handling Scrollable Menu, Popups

l  Practise Exercise-3.3 Handling Checkboxes, RadioButtons, Dynamic Texts


Web Apps Automation:

l  Chrome Browser configuration setup in Mobile

l  Automating the chrome mobile browser

l  UserAgent-Identifying objects in Mobile browser

l  Automating Mobile specific websites

l  Exercise on real device- Movile browser automation

l  Troubleshooting the real device to make recognize

l  Exercise-1.1- Chrome Remote Debugging Technique

l  Exercise-1.2- Getting Xpaths from mobile browser

l  Executing in real device-video

IOS Automation with APPIUM on MAC:

l  IOS Testing Introduction

l  IOS app download

l  Desired Capabilities for invoking IOS Apps

l  IOS Driver invocation

l  Running IOS first Automation test case

l  Desired capabilities code

l  How to identify objects in IOS App-APPIUM Inspector

l  Magic of Appium Inspector on IOS Apps

l  Handling IOS Controls with Appium

l  Practise Exercise on Switches-1

l  Practise Exercise on Scrolling circles-2

l  Practise Exercise on Scrolling wheels -2.1

l  Handling IOS Alerts Buttons with Appium

l  Practise Exercise on Alerts-3

l  IOS Apps Exercises code download

l  Safari Mobile browser Automation configuration

l  Useragent to get safari browser objects

l  Practise exercise on safari mobile browser

l  Safari program code download

Mobile Cloud Testing with APPIUM:

l  Sauce labs cloud testing introduction

l  Registering Sauce Labs Account for running IOS Apps on cloud

l  Automating Safari browser in Iphone with Sauce Cloud

l  Exercise-1.1 Getting safari browser  objects with Useragents

l  Desired capabilities for safari on IOS

l  Safari browser code

l  Exercise-1: Automating udemy browser App on safari-IOS platform

l  Exercise-2: Automating IOS Native Apps on Iphone Simulator

l  Desired capabilities and cloud connectivity to run IOS Apps in Iphone

l  IOS App code

l  Following up APPIUM Latest updates

l  Good to Go

APPIUM Framework - Part 1 - Learn TestNG Basics

l  Framework plan- why Testng and its advantages for APPIUM

l  TestNG Installation and setup in eclipse

l  TestNG Basic annotations role in designing framework

l  TestNG annotations in depth

l  Importance of TestNG prerequiste annotations

l  Annotations code dump download

l  Importance of TestNG xml file in framework

l  Including and excluding the test cases from Execution with TesNG xml file

APPIUM Framework - Part 2- Maven(Build Management tool)

l  Introduction to Maven

l  Configuration of Maven

l  Creating basic Maven Project

l  Importance of Maven POM.xml file

l  Creating Appium-Maven project

l  Importing Appium maven dependencies

l  Running Appium scripts in maven

APPIUM Framework - Part 2- Integrating TestNG with MAVEN

l  Creating  TestngXml file for Appium maven project

l  Creating Multiple testsuites and configuring them in xml files

l  Running Appium server programmatically

l  Creating Bat file and commands to trigger Appium server

l  Creating multiple TestNG profiles and triggering from Maven

l  Running end to end framework on single click with Maven

APPIUM Framework - Part 4 Scheduling in Jenkins CI tool

l  Why jenkins? Jenkins Advantages

l  Installing & configuring Jenkins for Appium project

l  Deploying Framework in Jenkins and Triggering the build

l  Scheduling the framework to run at 10AM daily with Jenkins

l  Jenkins Commands

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